Early Michael Keaton

by Druggist

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released May 27, 2006


tags: rock USA


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Track Name: Restful Days
My mind is playing tricks on me, it's frightening
The lies inside seem, you see, they cripple me
I crawl inside my bed to sleep worry out of my head
(My head) is spinning 'round
And the clouds loom low over this town
And I'm wondering what I should do
Now that my soul feels like it's been ground down
To a tiny stub and it's useless now to put up a fight
Or even act like I might

Maybe if I give it a minute
All those bad feelings will fade away
And maybe they'll be back someday
But for now I'll just move on and say
That I tried my best and now I need restful days

There's no use putting up a fight
Track Name: Eponymous Epitaph
Look up in the sky,
another dead dream passes by
and I don't know why

You were waiting for me to change
but now you'll stop playing silly games
and just walk away

I'm pulling your coat at both ends
I'm burning you out with my constant neediness
I've got you caught up in my mindgame non-stop highway roadside barricade

I took the bottle off the shelf
and popped two white pills in my mouth
and hour later I was drawing pictures of myself

I noticed that my eyes
had four colors and were comprised
of strange designs, the likes you've never seen

I can't conclude much of anything
Whenever I look in my heart the mirror bends,
whenever you look in my mind I'm losing it

And if happiness comes in a chemical
no wonder it never lasts forever

I glanced down at the words I wrote
and poured some new dreams down my throat
to keep myself from starting one more stupid fight

I was waiting for me to change
but you know that I'm still the same
and I play stupid games with myself
Track Name: Lungs and Heart
I love you like your lungs and heart are keeping me alive, it's no lie.

Did you know that when I'm all alone
I think of you and I know that things will get better?
Did you know I hope someday you'll be in your little place
full of ease and the courage to fall after me?

I feel so cold.

You rarely like when I walk the line
Through your doll hair came your bold face
When you came back I was standing on the steps in wait for you
And the way you looked made me feel like I was in a cartoon
Track Name: One of Us
I was thinking about you
and all the games you play
And my mind is split in two,
you know it makes me want to say

"You aren't one of us,
there's no need to discuss
the ins and outs of not getting on."

Every time we try
to bridge the gap
you know I don't know where to begin
and it leaves me confessing

"You aren't one of us,
there's no need to discuss
the ins and outs of not getting on."

I was hoping to oblige,
but it's more than compromise
to sit on all my thoughts
and make it seem like I have none

You know there's no
reason to hide all the seeds you sow
Track Name: Posted in the Back of My Mind
Now I'm through waiting on you to give me all those clues you do.
Cop another smile or two and make me sorry for loving you.
I'm through waiting on you even though I used to do anything to make you happy and make me feel important to you.

I'll be god damned if you're not impressed by my icy demeanor tonight.
'Cause I planned things out just right.
And I know you're gonna notice me this time.

Every day you wanna say something to humiliate me.
But I will not take it no more.
And I just feel like every day I'm waiting on something that's not coming even though it's not that far at all.

Since when has the main point been that you're worse-off than the day that I found you passing butts with all the losers around you?
Is it 'cause today you're harder to find?
So I look for the familiar signs that have six inch letters in black on white and are posted in the back of my mind.
Track Name: If You Called Me
If you called me would I be happy to hear from you?
If you came here would I even recognize you?
If I saw you last night do you think you would've talked to me?
If my heart broke daily would you canonize me?

If it came down to three words would you say them for me?
If it meant that much to me would it mean anything?
Would you come here and save me from myself once again, my friend?
Do you even realize what you meant back then?
Track Name: I've Been Going Crazy
I've been doing drugs and I've been going crazy.
Trouble in my mind, nowhere to go unwind.
I just wanna be a star on your horizon.
I just wanna know I can cope alone.

If you wanna find out I can wipe away doubts and show you what it's about.
If you wanna find out I can show you what I know.

I've been smoking drugs and I've been going crazy.
I just wanna know the way to my heart.
I don't wanna be.
No time, no place to think.

The space between you and me always divides, down the line.
In my head, I can't see until it's right up in my face.

'Cause I've been snorting pills and I've been going crazy.
Troubles in my mind, answers I can't find.
I just wanna know the way to your heart.
Track Name: The Brain Melter
I'm so glad.
I'm glad I was never alive.
I couldn't stand the pain of knowing I ever tried to fit in or get laid; walk through a storm carrying my weight.

You could part the seas and carry me over and still I'd never believe there's anything after this life more than just a dreamless sleep.

Don't laugh and miss the sorrow of it.
Track Name: Just Look Inside
How can you be so blind?
Just look inside.
How could you believe that everything's fine?
We don't always heal with time.
It's not all black and white but blood it is the tie that binds.
How come I, when I try, to say the word it just floats by, like a house but no one's home.
Even though I have a soul, I'm not sure where it goes, when everything else is gone.
Inside, where I live and thrive, the moonlight leaves nowhere to hide, inside.
Decide, will you go or stay because I don't have all day, decide.
Track Name: One Dumb Love
Strange love are you still bouncing through shy times with love and hate only seen through lonely eyes that hurt and heal and break down under sadness?
I wish you could see the way I see you.

You could call me up.
I would sing these words to you.
Hold you in my heart.
Struggle through it nightly 'cause it still reminds me of that one dumb love which compels and blinds me.
I kept it deep inside.
Until it was time to kill it and give mine to you.

I want to be the kind of person you want me to be.
I want to see all that you need me to see.
I don't know the way out, but I know something about trusting in love.