The Pile On

by Druggist

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released January 16, 2009

Blake Cormier - vocals, piano, bass, drums, guitars, moog, percussion, jew's harp

Zach Dunlap - vocals, lead guitar, bass, keys, percussion

Mason Macias - drums on songs 3, 9, 10, 15 and 17
Stephen Oakes - bass on songs 3, 4, 7, 9, 10 and 15
Marcus Rubio - violin, viola, glockenspiel, saw, saxophone on songs 3, 4, 7, 9, 10 and 17

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Blake at the Farmacy/Two Boxes Studios in San Antonio, TX in the fall of 2008


tags: rock USA


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Track Name: Bad Touch, No Touch
i can hold my liquor / i can hold a grudge / i can hold back for a while but i can't hold my tongue / you are just what you say you are not / you are not the king of pawn i want in my life / think back for a little while / back when we were one / we'd bicker all day and ruin everybody's fun / it's a choice you made inside once / it's a choice inside / there's something missing in you that no one else can provide / you are not the kind of pawn i want in my life, core, heart, oh, just leave me alone
Track Name: Hold On, Son
hold on, son / hold on just three months longer / you'll be stronger / it's your father / i know you're lonely and you're probably hurting / but i've spent the past thirty years working / i didn't give up / half of my life / to watch you quit at twenty five / it's your mother / you've got her worried / her thoughts get hurried and her face breaks out in a red stress rash / and she knows when you're lonely / and she knows when you're hurting / but, zach, she's spent the past thirty years working / and she didn't give up / half of her life / to watch you quit at twenty five / we didn't give up / half of our lives / to watch you quit at twenty five
Track Name: Our Way Out West
just another typical day at best / i sat around booking our way out west / and everyone said, "you'll love the breeze," / but it's a long way to the sea / "it's a long way to the sea," they said / "but it's the place you've dreamed of seeing," / and we're gonna follow that dream / it's all i ever wanted to be / with your lonely arms around me / i'm so glad that you found me / but what else could i be?
Track Name: On His Way Home
here / now / just get here now / it's right under your nose / not in the cut of your clothes / it's in the things you create / with thoughts of love lose the hate and you'll be free / on his way home / he lost all his gold / in the loss he gained a new thought / finally he realized / you gotta take it slow / you gotta travel which way the wind blows / but don't rest on your feet / you've got a new best friend to meet / that's easier said than done / born a prince you started life number one / but thanks for the sagely advice / well I've got a flat, two kids, bills and a wife / its right under your nose/ fuck all the people they know/ its in the things you create / with thoughts of love / lose the hate and you'll be free / On her way home she found someone's gold / but will the find distract her mind? / eventually, she realize / she should have taken it slow / she should have travelled wherever that boy goes / but now there's sand around her feet / and her arms are flailing at the new life she would lead
Track Name: I Don't Believe You
head bounce / eyes closed / it's all you know / mouth the words / so they all know / you're so hip / it's a fucking joke / speak your words / but your talk is so cheap / i don't believe you / paint your jeans on / and go bum a cig / chat and pose / just like you pictured it / every night / there's a new place to be / you waste my time / and your talk is so cheap / in three months time / you got ten random tats / hair and clothes / to complete the act / go sit, park bench / shoot the shit / wax music / but your talk is so cheap / rock bands strut / on the new runway / kiss the right ass / and you'll get airplay / it's all who you know / the company you keep / you speak your words / but your talk is so cheap / why are you talking to me?
Track Name: When I Was Younger
when i was younger i could care for the world / but, oh, i've got my own problems now / now that i'm older i don't see much of the world / because, oh, i've got my own problems now / i traded the world for the people in town / now i know they've got their own problems / i used to walk with my head in the clouds / now i keep it firmly slanted down / i just wanted to be alright / i just wanted to sleep last night / i just wanted to hold my baby tight / and make her laugh when she comes home from work / and then play some guitar so my brain doesn't hurt / blake help me out / this love thing's getting me down / has it been too long since i have been without / it's left and right / it's up and down / it's a mess / i just know it helps to write these feelings down / just go, just get out / i don't need this worry or foolish self-doubt / hey i'm a man / i've got my band / who's the stallion, girl? / we're just trying to make a place for ourselves in this world / without pushing or pulling or shoving someone down
Track Name: San Francisco
oh, how i wish we were in san francisco / walking barefoot in the sand / the city's alive, somehow / i never, ever wanna go home / but i'll go home / i've missed you in so many places / i've missed you through the night / our city of lights could shine forever / whenever you're in my mind / and you're in my mind / you read my mind
Track Name: Scott Flaskerud
why isn't anyone outside? / i don't get it / i don't understand why / and why does scott flaskerud want to die? / i guess that's the way people are / you can blame it on their genes or the stars / as long as it works in the end / but right now it's hard to comprehend / why does music make me want to cry? / why did those punk kids go inside? / they were having a good time
Track Name: A Little Risk
why do you always leave deep scars? / why can't i see you for just who you really are? / why do i always feel down like this? / why can't i be happy with somebody else's kiss? / why can't i find a girl like you who won't always make me feel like this? / i really want a girl like you who'll be willing to take a little risk / do you really wanna cause me pain? / since you left me i've never been the same again / though some word argue i've never been sane / felt pretty stable when you called yourself my friend / why do i always dwell on those days? / private dreams always keep me in suspense / and will i ever change my ways / and realize my actions lead to consequence?
Track Name: Now the Liquor's Gone
so now the liquor's gone / i sit down to write my song / but words that rhyme don't sound familiar / like all those times i tried to kill you with my words / but it didn't work out / could you ever be / more than just a dream to me? / become reality, oh baby please / i've got some feelings deep inside / i'd love to tell you / but you don't recognize me anymore / when i'm standing at your door / with a mouth full of words i'm screaming at you / could you ever see / through all my false pomp and glee / into the heart of me / i beg you please
Track Name: Redhead Girl
hey little redhead girl / are you sure you want in my world? / i'll never bring you down / besides, i live on your side of town now / what have you got to lose? / yeah, i know some of your friends / but they don't know what i need / cause they don't see me around / and they don't live on my side of town now / i've got nothing to lose / and neither should you, girl / yeah, i've been sick for a month / but i'll be over it soon / sure, i'll get drunk and catch up / just reserve a place on the moon for us, darlin' / where you'll have nothing to lose / we should have nothing to lose
Track Name: You Know, Like with Lots of Trippy Imagery...
i like to talk / when i'm with you / i ramble on / until i am through / and desperate times / breed desperate tunes / push through the fog / and sing the truth / you elevate my soul / you help me lose my mind / and so we talked / all through the night / i wasted someone's time / you blew my mind / stop talking now / let strings ring out / i told myself / and tossed one down
Track Name: It Still Hurts
it still hurts / it still bothers me / when i see you / because i can't touch you / because i know it won't work / when i think of you / i can't call you because i know it won't work / we all walk in similar shoes / we all get the earth-love blues / i know it's a silly thing to do / but what a human thing to go through / c'mon / take my heart / it broke in two / fuck it, it's useless / see, i've no need for it / but do i want something new? / so i fill the gap / with girls and music / but when i'm done / i'm a man alone / honey, that's just not good news / we're all out looking for something better / even those that vow "forever" / lookout / it's all getting clearer now / circumstance dictates love / with help from your temperament / and money, status, yeah, all of the above / so just relax / cause you can't force love / or avoid death / it's all a mystery unfolding with each breath
Track Name: Whoa...
whoa / if i see you around / i won't look your way / if i'm looking down / don't ask me / i'm okay / go on, get out / cause we both knew you were leaving / it's only yourself you're deceiving / cause morning is on it's way / and when the sun yanks me up, there will be music in my head / so that's fair enough, girl / let me get my guitar and my shit / and i'll find a warm bed / if it bends i'll bend it / if it's broken i'll fix it / because one thing i've promised myself / i won't quit / take your quick fixes and easy answers / cause this kid's still got death on his mind / and yeah, it's going to take him a while / and yes, he's going to give the appearance of falling behind / but he's off his knees and no longer looking for happy pills in the sky / he chose the long road / he has to learn how to die / i met him and he promised me / he won't quit / love was in your face and you were looking for something better / you want a change of scenery or perfect weather / well, i guess you're young / and you've got nothing but time on your hands / so by all means, look around / but, oh no, i've got this funny feeling / yes, on the horizon / here comes the fucking letdown / i thought you promised me, girl? / you wouldn't quit
Track Name: What's it Like to?
walk to the grocery store and people laugh at you / just try to act like yourself and people won't like you / you've got to be someone else just to / make it through the day / i've got this face i can't hide / i can't turn off what i'm like / when i wake up in this life / it's no place i wanna be / i've got this friend who just died / now i can't stand memories / what's it like to taste reality without someone else's point of view mixed in? / what's it like to be free?
Track Name: This Song Isn't About You
this song / isn't about you / it's just a simple song / about the way that we move / in and out of love so fast / that we can just disregard the past / and all the things that we've been through / and all the things we said we'd do together / it's just a simple song about the way people move / in and out of life so fast / who knows? / one day it ends like that / and all the things we've said and done / and all the people we've held and loved / it's just over / i was in your room / yeah, i know i was in your bedroom / i was on your bed, but i was looking the other way / yeah, i've seen your hip room, darlin' / i'm always looking the other way
Track Name: You Held My Hand
you held my hand / and walked me back to class again / i never thought that this would end / especially not the way it did / you understand / what it takes to destroy a man / you understand the breaking point exists / and it takes so much / out of the heart of me / i stand up and scream / "i don't want it to be that bad / i don't want it to be like that / i don't want it to be that" / you held my hand / and walked me through the bitter end / it took my all just to pretend / that i'd be fine when all was said and done / i understand / what it means to be a good friend / i understand you can never give in
Track Name: Too Much of My Love
too much of my love / goes to music / comes from songs / i miss my family / am i losing friends? / so much of my love / comes from them / i know i need her / but i still need me / so much of my love still goes to me / whether i find her / or she finds me / i will not settle / for less than free / it's starting over again / i want a family / i want real friends / i've got so much love / so much to give
Track Name: Ether of Dimwit
think of all the sunshine that you lost / never hesitate or you'll consider what it cost / i am always laughing when you're not / contemplating infinity minute-gold gut rot / my head is spinning in / the ether of dimwit / i've cost a lot of folks a lot of things i can't correct / every time you choose to hear this play / you will be reminded of the one who slipped away / i won't rest 'til this keeps you awake / i won't make it easy, i'll keep you on edge all day / the fear is trickling in / to replace your dumb grin / with broken promises / and what you give will never outlive you / think of everything that came before / it will not get better until after it gets worse / once you realize you cast your curse / you might open up and find a way to fix the hurt / you've had it up to it / and all your selfish fits / change you in places which can never fix the problem / it's all wrong / the problem is all wrong / my head's still spinning in / that ether of dimwit / i've cost a lot of folks a lot of things they can't forgive